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and you can hear isaac screaming all the way from france “YOU GOT MEXICAN WITHOUT ME”



malia running track  (◡‿◡✿)

malia running track at the same time kira is at lacrosse practise (◡‿◡✿)

malia slowing down to watch kira  (◡‿◡✿)

malia and kira making out under the bleachers after practice (◡‿◡✿)




no but like can we talk about how stiles and lydia perceive kate?

you would think that in a situation like this, the first description of her to kira and malia would be something along the lines of “she was a hunter who went against the code who was thought to be…



imagine Stiles and Younger Derek hanging out together and Stiles just keeps staring at Y!D and Derek’s like “what the hell do you keep looking at Stiles?!" and he blurts out "I am just so conflicted, you’re my age now, you’re actually around my age and more easily bangable…

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stiles being surprised and confused by kisses

And the day Derek kisses him, Stiles won’t be surprised.

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My pack killing it at EyeCon [X]

  • Dylan: We want more scenes together.
  • Hoechlin: I know!
  • Dylan: We don't have any more scenes together.
  • Hoechlin: All the stuff in the car is always really fun.
  • Dylan: Yeah, Jeep stuff's really good... I love when you slammed my head down on the thing...
  • Hoechlin: That was funny.
  • Dylan: That was a moment that we added... I loved the, I loved the Manuel scene... from the first season...
  • Hoechlin: Miguel?
  • Dylan: Miguel! Miguel, sorry! I was—I knew I didn't get that right, either. I had no confidence in my delivery. Manuel? Um, yeah yeah yeah, the my cousin Miguel scene—
  • Hoechlin: The Miguel scene—The Miguel scene, the ah, the one getting out of the hospital, the one trying to break in to the sheriff's station—
  • Dylan: Yeah yeah yeah, that was great.
  • Hoechlin: "Punch you in the face?" *makes Stiles' teeth-bared face*
  • Dylan: Yeah.
  • Hoechlin: That was a good one.
  • Dylan: When we're paralyzed on the floor...
  • Hoechlin: The day of the— *wipes tears of laughter from his eyes* The day of the pool...
  • Dylan: Oh the pool—Holy crap.
  • Hoechlin: We spent like 12 hours in that pool. And—
  • Dylan: Longer.
  • Hoechlin: —And poor Dylan—
  • Dylan: Had to be longer.
  • Hoechlin: Yeah, it was a long day. And quick funny story, so, ah, for our second season, I put on a bunch of weight because the character becoming the alpha, and all this stuff, so Dylan had to—I'm paralyzed, in the water, and Dylan had to— *laughs* —hold me, and swim through the deep end with one arm.
  • Dylan: It was—it was like one of the scariest things. I'm not even like—I can swim, but I'm not a man with the water, y'know, I'm not like one with the ocean. Y'know, I can swim, I'm not an amazing swimmer. And I had to grab this guy with one arm, and we're doing a shot that like led off the day, and our director was saying, y'know, "Okay Dylan just, y'know, so swim with him from point A to point B" and I was like, "I can't." I'm also like fully clothed, I'm in my lacrosse uniform and cleats, and I'm grabbing him and we're like—and he's like "Hey I'm gonna try to help you out a little bit but I've gotta be, y'know, paralyzed," and I'm like, "Yeah, I get it, I don't know how this is gonna go," and so I had to do it twice, and after the first one, too, when they said I have to do it again I was like, *exaggerated freaked out voice* "I can't!" ...I felt like my right pectoral muscle was just gonna split open and I was gonna have a hernia. So I was just like trying to—And I couldn't move, with you. So funny.
  • Hoechlin: After the first one—after the first one I told him like, "Dude, just like—like just go, and if my head goes underwater, just keep going, and I'll try to find a way to breathe, and if I have to I'll just come up for air. Like, just go."
  • Dylan: And I was just trying to keep him up—Oh, god. We've had a lot of fun scenes.